Corporate Environmental, Health, Safety & Security (EHSS) Policy

Our operations involve importing, storing and selling refined petroleum products. We have developed new policies on health, safety and the environment to fulfil our strategic priority to keep our staff, customers and communities safe.


Safety is clearly a priority for us. We endeavour to make sure staff, customers and communities are not at risk from our operations.

We provide staff with practical tools, skills and knowledge to enhance their personal safety awareness and responsibility. We train them to identify, challenge and act when they encounter unsafe acts or potentially dangerous activity.


The health of staff is paramount to the growth of our business. We strive to identify and evaluate health risks that affect our employees, contractors and the community within which we operate. We then implement programs to and appropriate preventive measures to control such risks.


Juwel Energy aims to conduct our business in a manner that is compatible with the balanced environmental and economic needs of the communiites in which we operate. We are committed to continuous efforts to improve environmental performance throughout our operations.